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Meet the Team

The Editorial Team
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Alyssa Owen

Hi! My Name is Alyssa Owen. I am a Secondary Education English major. I plan to teach high school after I graduate in Spring 2025. I enjoy reading, listening to music, and my cat.


Hailey Kincer

I am currently in my last semester as a graduate student in the Professional and Technical Communications program with an interest in editing. In my free time, I enjoy reading romance novels and cross-stitching.

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Lacy Means



Lance Terwiliger

Hello, I'm Lance Terwilliger! I'm an English major with a concentration in creative writing hoping to go into editing, publishing, and writing once I graduate. I love reading nearly everything from the grotesque to the comically absurd.


Robin Pafford

Hi! I'm Robin Pafford, and I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Spanish. I plan on working in editing and publishing after graduating from Tech in the Spring of 2025. In my free time, you'll find me reading fantasy novels, watching Friends, or listening to Taylor Swift! 


Savannah Bobo

I'm Savannah Bobo, a senior that can't go a day without writing or, at the very least, drawing, and this year, I am looking for opportunity in every walk I take. Ultimately, I aim to be a full-time fantasy and sci-fi writer, but, until then, I am exploring the world of publishing and editing and enjoying the work I do with the people I meet!


Scott Moss

Scott Moss is a double major in History and English. When not reading or writing his interests are cooking, woodworking, and 1970s music. His wife and four large dogs appreciate the cooking, the music not so much! 


Trinity Cogan

My name is Trinity Cogan and I am an English major with a concentration in creative writing. I am working towards becoming an editor! Despite how fast I finish books, my to-read list gets longer by the day. I love fantasy novels and queer romances, in addition to enemies to lovers. 

The Promotions Team

Bethany Kelsey

Bethany is an English major with a minor in Merchandising and Design. She enjoys reading Romance novels, listening to Beyoncé, and all things self-care!


Claire Harris

Claire is a senior at Tennessee Tech majoring in Creative Writing and Professional Communication. She primarily likes writing poetry and fiction and enjoys reading, listening to music, coloring, art and horror.


Kaitlyn Baltz

Kaitlyn is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing hoping to pursue a career in publishing. A few fun facts about Kaitlyn: this is her second year on the Iris Review team, she has a cat named Poppy, and she is trying to learn how to crochet


Sarah Keen

Sarah is a sophomore at Tennessee Tech majoring in English with a concentration in literature. Her plans are to continue on to graduate school to study environmental literature. 


Zach Worley

Hi! I'm Zach. I like reading, games, and movies. Nothing special about me except that I'm basically a constant threat to humanity!

The Design Team

Bryce Fox


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Damien Gentry

Hi, I'm Damien Gentry!  I'm an English major who loves to read (shocker!).  I hope to publish children's literature since reading was an important part of my childhood, and I want to ensure children always have something good to read.


Ethan Beaty

I'm Ethan Beaty, an undergraduate pursuing an English degree at Tennessee Tech, with a concentration on creative writing. I spend my free time managing a varity of projects including publications, Scouting events, and an Esports team.

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Gavin Stackhouse

Gavin H. Stackhouse is working towards a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, complemented by a minor in Education and a certification in Editing and Publishing. His time is split between being a full-time student and a full-time employee, where he holds the title of supervisor.

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