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Pample Le Mousse is a literary magazine from Johnston State College in Vermont. It was called the Gibson River Review, and the short description in the front doesn’t say why the name changed. It does say that it was founded 2001but that in 2010 it became the focus of a literary publishing class at the college. It is published biannually and I received the December 2016 issue.

The first thing I noticed was the size of the magazine. The size is nice, not too big and not too small. It gives you the idea that you’re reading an actual magazine but without all the extra bulk that comes with most magazines. It could be that the size is similar to that of a comic book. Even with the size each piece has plenty of room.

The layout of the magazine is pretty simple. There isn’t anything done in the magazine that really makes any real changes to the structure of magazine as a whole. There is color throughout of the entire magazine. Each of the author’s names is in color, as well as the photos being in color.

I chose Tyler Friend’s Directions to Here I to read. It is the first in a series of five poems. It’s a nice simple read. All of the poems are nice reads. They all have the same concept which you can see in the titles of the poems.

I had a hard time choosing a picture to look at. I finally decided on Agathe Fredette’s Center. It is a fairly simple picture of someone meditating or trying to find their center. Since it doesn’t show the head, the subject of the photo is sexless and without gender.

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-Michael Haley, editor

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